eco-Lighthouses Cruise

Saturday August 31, 2013
Learn about the
Keepers & their Environment
Join Bob Allen, Keeper Follet's great-grandson & Steve Biasetti,
Group for the East End Naturalist

All members of the Group for the East End
eligible for Southold Town rate as a thank you for supporting both non-profits.



This cruise explores the relationship between keepers and their environment.

Lightkeepers impacted the maritime environment they lived in.

E.g. They discharged soapy water and human waste. They fished, collected oysters and clams, hunted and sometimes when allowed collected wood and farmed to supplement their incomes.

 The Maritime Environments also impacted the Lightkeepers.
E.g. Weather often complicated transportation between land and dangerous offshore lighthouse locations. Keepers needed rain to fill their cisterns, and then ways to make sure to maintain that water drinkable until the next rainstorm. For variable reasons at times birds flew into lantern windows; with bad consequences for both.

On August 31st, stand at the cruise boat's railing and imagine you are the keeper heading to that next lighthouse to report for duty.  Admiring the scenery, think of all the challenges & solutions.


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