Paul Drum

The Paul Drum Nautical Education Program 

Paul Drum, in cooperation with the East End Seaport Museum and Marine Foundation, has begun raising funds to support children in the safety and enjoyment of our surrounding waters. The Paul Drum Nautical Education Program will be an ongoing partnership. 

Children will learn boating safety from Power Squadron and Coast Guard Auxiliary members; ecological theories and practices through uniquely designed programs and attend lectures given by valued experts. The educational focus will be guided with hands on
 experiences. This program will be available, free of charge, and is designed to increase knowledge and enrich the lives of our youth. 

The program, in its infancy, will grow with seed money provided by "fun-raisers" such as Paul Drum's Pirate and Mermaid Breakfast and donations from our global community, and generous sponsors. 

Read more about Paul Drum in our blog "Who We Are and What We Do" 

Thank you for your donation.

Paul Drum, Sharon Sailor, Tim Drum (David Benthal Photo)

Thank you!

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