East End Challenge 2014

The Littoral Zone

2014 Finalist projects are on display at the Museum.

Our Littoral Zone begins at the watery edge of Long Island and includes wetlands, estuaries, barrier islands, tidal marshes, beaches and dunes. Extending out into deeper waters, the Littoral Zone is mysterious and mutable and is always changing subject to the forces of nature and man.

Many species are nurtured by and depend on the coastal habitats in the Littoral Zone, which is affected by hurricanes, climate change, erosion, pollution, and man-made constructs.

The Littoral Zone is a vital, dynamic part of our maritime world on the East End of Long Island.  Considerations for selection of a project include quality, message, inventive observation and creative interpretation of the unique qualities of Littoral Zone on the East End and the impact of nature and man.

“Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.”   -Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi 

Be mindful that part of the excitement of science and art is not knowing quite how one’s questions will be answered – results of observations can be surprising!

The Museum is also seeking sponsors for scholarships and prizes to be awarded to the most innovative projects.

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